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Doctor Who - Day of the Doctor - The Doctors by DoctorWhoOne Doctor Who - Day of the Doctor - The Doctors by DoctorWhoOne
Because I can't seem to find a picture of this scene online, here's the epic moment we witness all the Doctor's together, right at the end of the truly epic 50th Anniversary special, the Day of the Doctor.

I print screened it off BBC I-Player. Cropped it a little on paint by getting rid of the BBC logo on the top left of the image, and the black lines at the top and bottom that made it all widescreen looking.

PLEASE NOTE - The reason for why comments have been banned on this upload is because I've been getting a bit fed up having to repeat myself that this upload is NOT a Selfie as some people keep calling it every now and then.

A Selfie is when you take a photograph of yourself using a Camera, usually a Mobile Phone with a built-in Camera. I was getting tired of the occasional commenter calling it a Selfie. It's just an epic scene to end an epic Anniversary, nothing more.

And just encase anyone needs reminding of what a Selfie really looks like  . . . .…

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November 24, 2013
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